David Swenson M.D., 64
Butler, Pennsylvania
United States

David Swenson studied the piano for 12 years with Earle C. Voorhies. In 1972, he placed first in the Amateur Championship Concerto Competition, but then chose to embark on a medical career. He graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1982, and completed a residency in internal medicine. Dr. Swenson practiced medicine for 32 years, during which time he completely stepped away from the piano. Now semi-retired, he has redoubled his musical efforts, having been inspired by the extensive piano community he has found online. A new piano teacher aided him in preparing his application to this Competition. Dr. Swenson, who is active in his church, is looking forward to meeting other amateur piano acquaintances here whom he has connected with online.


Preliminary Round
CHOPIN   Scherzo No. 3 in C-sharp Minor, op. 39

Quarterfinal Round
BACH   “Sinfonia” from Partita No. 2 in C Minor, BWV 826
DEBUSSY   “Toccata” from Pour le piano
RACHMANINOV   Prelude in D Major, op. 23, no. 4
RACHMANINOV   Prelude in B-flat Major, op. 23, no. 2

Semifinal Round
BEETHOVEN   Sonata No. 30 in E Major, op. 109
LISZT   Concert Etude No. 2 in F Minor (“La Leggierezza”) 

Final Round
BEETHOVEN   Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor, op. 37: I. Allegro con brio