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“My performance is driven by the need to find harmony in chaos, to discover sudden beauty in a piece of music, which was undiscovered before. Music for me is almost the only pure and worthy thing in the world. Using its language, one can express the inexpressible.”

From the age of 6 until now, Artur Iskorostenskii has studied in the speciality piano class of Professor Elena Plyashkevich at the Moscow Secondary Speciality Music School/College named after Gnesins. He made his recital debut being 9 years old and his concerto debut just two years later. His concentrated dedication has manifested in an array of prizes at European competitions, including six first- or second-place finishes in online contests in 2020 alone (Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Spain, and Italy). In January 2023, he received 3rd prize award and a bronze medal in International Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians, held in Moscow. He believes that the Cliburn Junior will be “a very important stage in my performing life, a serious test, which, I think, will raise my musical level;” he calls his participation “a tribute to Van Cliburn—one of the best pianists of the past century, a great artist and a legendary figure in the world’s musical culture.” As to classical music’s relevance in today’s world, he says: “Music for me is the most important means of communication with people and Nature, conveying outwards my deepest feelings and ideas. Music is my life.” In addition to the main musical specialty, he studies composition under the guidance of professor Vyacheslav Osminin, also at the Moscow Secondary Specialist School/College named after Gnesins. In his free time, Artur takes swimming lessons.


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