CLIBURN KIDS with Buddy Bray


In this episode, we listen to a piece that runs across the keys! Can you keep up?
featuring SCHUBERT Impromptu in E-flat Major, op. 90, no. 2


Click the links below for supplemental worksheets and class activities. TEKS objectives are listed below each link.

What Do You Hear?
Music: FA.M.1.b.6, FA.M.2.b.6, FA.M.3.b.6, FA.M.4.b.6, FA.M.5.b.6; FA.M.1.b.2, FA.M.2.b.2, FA.M.3.b.2, FA.M.4.b.2, FA.M.5.b.2;
Language Arts: 1.7, 2.7, 3.7, 4.7, 5.7

Pitch and Tempo (Grade 1-3)
Music: FA.M.1.b.2, FA.M.2.b.2, FA.M.3.b.2

Form (Grade 4-5)
Music: FA.M.4.b.2, FA.M.5.b.2

Interview a Composer
Language Arts: 1.13, 2.13, 3.13, 4.13, 5.13; Music: FA.M.1.b.5, FA.M.2.b.5, FA.M.3.b.5, FA.M.4.b.5, FA.M.5.b.5 

Composer Biography: Franz Schubert



Buddy Bray is co-author of the Cliburn in the Classroom programs and has been hosting the presentations in schools for over 17 years, and he says it is the most enjoyable work he does.

When he is not in the schools talking about music, Buddy serves as artistic director of the Cliburn at the Modern series and is the principal keyboardist for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. He also hosts the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s pre-concert discussion series, where he does much the same thing as in the schools—he tries to make his audience comfortable with the music they will hear, and he does it with a spirit of discovery and fun.

Buddy comes from a family of teachers, and he is glad to be carrying on the family tradition.


Named the 2017 U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, Lang Lang Music Foundation Young Scholar Clayton Stephenson is a prize winner of the 2015 Van Cliburn Junior International Competition and 2016 Cooper International Competition. He is also a proud recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship. Clayton’s debut concerto performance was with the Juilliard Pre-College Symphony Orchestra, and he has since given performances across Europe and North America, including a recent appearance at the “Grammy Salute to Classical Music” concert at Carnegie’s Stern Auditorium.

Born in New York, Clayton was admitted into the Juilliard Pre-College at age 10. Currently, he studies at the Harvard/New England Conservatory Dual Degree program, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Harvard University and Master’s degree in piano performance at the New England Conservatory. He is passionate about community outreach and education, engaging with children and social service organizations to discuss his path as a musician, and is also involved in the Boys Club of New York and Men of Color Club.