The Cliburn would like to work with you as you think about ways to give the joy of music to future generations through your long-range financial plans. By combining your philanthropic giving with tax and other financial strategies, you can play a critical role in the Cliburn’s future.

You can also let others know your intent by joining the Cliburn’s Legacy Society, which was created to recognize those who wanted to give to the Cliburn once they were no longer living. Once you inform us that you have put the Cliburn as a beneficiary of an asset or have included the Cliburn as a part of your estate plan, your name will join the list of others who have made the same decision.

To discuss your legacy with the Cliburn, please contact Cliburn at 817.738.6536 or [email protected].


The Cliburn Accepts the Following*1. Cash; 2. Tangible Personal Property; 3. Securities; 4. Real Estate; 5. Remainder Interests in Property; 6. Oil, Gas, and Mineral Interests; 7. Bargain Sales; 8. Life Insurance; 9. Charitable Gift Annuities; 10. Charitable Remainder Trusts; 11. Charitable Lead Trusts; 12. Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations; 13. Bequests; 14. Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations
*All gifts are subject to the Cliburn’s gift acceptance policy.




You designate the Cliburn as the beneficiary of your asset by will, trust or beneficiary designation form. 

IRA Rollover
You can make an IRA rollover gift this year and in future years.

Beneficiary Designation Gifts
You can designate us as a beneficiary of a retirement, investment or bank account, or your life insurance policy. 

Pertinent Information for you. 

For Annual Gifts:
Legal Name: Van Cliburn Foundation, Inc.
DBA: The Cliburn
Federal tax ID number: # 75-1098332 

For Endowment Gifts:
Legal Name: Van Cliburn Trust
Federal tax ID number: # 75-2231693

President and CEO: Jacques Marquis
Address: 201 Main Street, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Office Phone: 817.738.6536
Office Email: [email protected] 

Sue & John Allen Chalk

“Endowments encourage and protect legacies that otherwise are subject to neglect and attrition. The Cliburn Endowment helps assure the future of what are now the multiple Cliburn competitions.”

Mary Cravens Wysong Haney

 The first official member of the Cliburn’s Legacy Society. “I just wanted to inspire others. This is a way of leveraging a relatively small gift into a significant gift later.”

Shirley & Bill McIntyre

 “The Cliburn enriches the participants’ lives with their talent, experience, confidence, the feeling of being a part of a large community, and being connected with people and other artists.”

Other Estate Planning Options

Please contact us if any of the below pique your interest. Your planned gift, like those listed below, can help protect assets, provide for your loved ones, and provide income for life. 

Charitable Gift Annuity
You transfer your cash or appreciated property to the Cliburn in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed payments (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life. 

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
You transfer your cash or appreciated property to fund a charitable remainder annuity trust. The Cliburn benefits from what remains in the trust after all the trust payments have been made. 

Charitable Lead Trust
You fund a trust that makes gifts to the Cliburn for a number of years. Your family receives the trust remainder at substantial tax savings. 

Life Estate Reserved
You give your property to the Cliburn but retain the right to use the property during your life. 

Information contained herein was accurate at the time of posting. The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax advisor.