Italian pianist Alessandro Deljavan has been astonishing audiences for more than two decades. Acknowledgements began at the age of nine when he won the prestigious Concours musical de France (1st Prize, Paris, 1996). He is embraced for his remarkable prowess and emotional intensity by audiences and colleagues alike. “Deljavan played Chopin’s B minor Etude with jaw dropping virtuosity and heart-stopping eloquence.” (Dallas Morning News)

A prolific recording artist, Alessandro Deljavan has more than 60 albums from the solo and chamber music repertoire. Of his recording of the Chopin complete Études Pizzicato wrote, “Technically brilliant and with an exceptional imagination, Alessandro Deljavan brings finesse and spontaneity to Chopin’s Etudes.”

Alessandro Deljavan has won top prizes in competitions including Concours musical de France (1st Prize, Paris, 1996), Hummel Competition (2nd Prize, Bratislava, 2005), Gina Bachauer Young Artist Competition (5th Prize, 2005), Cliburn Competition (John Giordano Discretionary Award, 2009; Raymond E. Buck Discretionary Award, 2013), and Isangyun Competition (2nd Prize, Tongyeong, South Korea, 2010).

Alessandro has performed with the Mariinsky Theatre, Fort Worth Symphony, Israel Camerata, Wu Han Philharmonic, and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestras, as well as Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, Orchestra Sinfonica Leopolis, and Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento, among others.

He has appeared at festivals such as the Festival International Piano Classique de Biarritz, Festival Chopin à Paris, Piano Intime Series, Glafsfjordens musikfestival, Bologna Festival, Il Festival Piano Master, Orta Festival, Gradus International Piano Festival, Franz Liszt Festival, Festival Città di Morbegno, Festival Internazionale di Lapedona, Autunno Musicale, the Bogotà International Piano Festival and Tippet Rise.

Alessandro Deljavan has a discography of over 60 albums. In 2021 Alessandro launched his own label, AERAS. A new Bach Goldberg recording, a Liszt album, to be followed by Schubert sonatas, Beethoven sonatas with violin, Mozart sonatas, and more.

On Youtube, his recording of the complete Chopin Waltzes has received more than one million streams to date.

He is currently professor of piano at the U. Giordano Conservatory of Music, Rodi Garganico, Italy.