CLIBURN KIDS with Buddy Bray


Learn how tempo, dynamics, and articulation create characters and describe a chase scene in this fun musical cartoon. How do you think it ends?
featuring COPLAND The Cat and the Mouse


Click the links below for supplemental worksheets and class activities. TEKS objectives are listed below each link.

What Do You Hear? (Grade 1-2)
Language Arts: 1.7, 2.7; Music: FA.M.1.b.6, FA.M.2.b.6; Art: FA.A.1.2A, FA.A.2.2A

Create a Comic Strip! (Grade 3-5)
Music: FA.M.3.b.6, FA.M.4.b.6, FA.M.5.b.6; Language Arts: 3.12, 4.12, 5.12; Art: FA.A.3.2, FA.A.4.2, FA.A.5.2 

Write Your Own Story!
Language Arts: 1.12, 2.12, 3.12, 4.12, 5.12 ; Music: FA.M.1.b.6, FA.M.2.b.6, FA.M.3.b.6, FA.M.4.b.6, FA.M.5.b.6 

Interview a Composer
Language Arts: 1.13, 2.13, 3.13, 4.13, 5.13; Music: FA.M.1.b.5, FA.M.2.b.5, FA.M.3.b.5, FA.M.4.b.5, FA.M.5.b.5

Composer Biography: Aaron Copland

Class Activity: Cat and Mouse Tag
Music: FA.M.1.b.6, FA.M.2.b.6, FA.M.3.b.6, FA.M.4.b.6, FA.M.5.b.6 

Class Activity: Creating a Sound Story
Music: FA.M.1.b.1, FA.M.2.b.1, FA.M.3.b.1, FA.M.4.b.1, FA.M.5.b.1, FA.M.1.b.4, FA.M.2.b.4, FA.M.3.b.4, FA.M.4.b.4, FA.M.5.b.4; Language Arts: 1.8, 2.8, 3.8, 4.8, 5.8



Buddy Bray is co-author of the Cliburn in the Classroom programs and has been hosting the presentations in schools for over 17 years, and he says it is the most enjoyable work he does.

When he is not in the schools talking about music, Buddy serves as artistic director of the Cliburn at the Modern series and is the principal keyboardist for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. He also hosts the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s pre-concert discussion series, where he does much the same thing as in the schools—he tries to make his audience comfortable with the music they will hear, and he does it with a spirit of discovery and fun.

Buddy comes from a family of teachers, and he is glad to be carrying on the family tradition.