CLIBURN KIDS with Buddy Bray


How can we make the piano sound like it’s flying? Buddy shows us how pitch and tempo can give the piano wings!
featuring GRIEG “Butterfly” from Lyric Pieces, op. 43, no. 1
SCHUMANN “Bird as Prophet” from Waldszenen (“Forest Scenes”), op. 82 


Click the links below for supplemental worksheets and class activities. TEKS objectives are listed below each link.

What Do You Hear?
Music: FA.M.1.b.6, FA.M.2.b.6, FA.M.3.b.6, FA.M.4.b.6, FA.M.5.b.6; FA.M.1.b.1, FA.M.2.b.1, FA.M.3.b.1, FA.M.4.b.1, FA.M.5.b.1
Language Arts: 1.7, 2.7, 3.7, 4.7, 5.7; Art: FA.A.1.2A, FA.A.2.2A, FA.A.3.2A, FA.A.4.2A, FA.A.5.2A

Explore the World! (Grade 1-2)
Music: FA.M.1.b.5, FA.M.2.b.5; Social Studies: 1.3, 2.3; 1.4, 2.4

Explore the World! (Grade 3-5)
FA.M.3.b.5, FA.M.4.b.5, FA.M.5.b.5; Social Studies: 3.4

Musical Rest
Music: FA.M.1.b.1, FA.M.2.b.1, FA.M.3.b.1, FA.M.4.b.1, FA.M.5.b.1; FA.M.1.b.6, FA.M.2.b.6, FA.M.3.b.6, FA.M.4.b.6, FA.M.5.b.6
FA.M.1.b.2, FA.M.2.b.2, FA.M.3.b.2, FA.M.4.b.2, FA.M.5.b.2; Math: 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1

Pitch and Tempo
Music: FA.M.1.b.4, FA.M.2.b.4, FA.M.3.b.4, FA.M.4.b.4, FA.M.5.b.4 ; FA.M.1.b.1, FA.M.2.b.1, FA.M.3.b.1, FA.M.4.b.1, FA.M.5.b.1
Language Arts: 1.7, 2.7, 3.7, 4.7, 5.7

Interview a Composer
Language Arts: 1.13, 2.13, 3.13, 4.13, 5.13; Music: FA.M.1.b.5, FA.M.2.b.5, FA.M.3.b.5, FA.M.4.b.5, FA.M.5.b.5

Composer Biography: Edvard Grieg

>Composer Biography: Robert Schumann

Class Activity: Birdsong Beats
Music: FA.M.1.b.4, FA.M.2.b.4, FA.M.3.b.4, FA.M.4.b.4, FA.M.5.b.4



Buddy Bray is co-author of the Cliburn in the Classroom programs and has been hosting the presentations in schools for over 17 years, and he says it is the most enjoyable work he does.

When he is not in the schools talking about music, Buddy serves as artistic director of the Cliburn at the Modern series and is the principal keyboardist for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. He also hosts the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s pre-concert discussion series, where he does much the same thing as in the schools—he tries to make his audience comfortable with the music they will hear, and he does it with a spirit of discovery and fun.

Buddy comes from a family of teachers, and he is glad to be carrying on the family tradition.


Since his orchestral debut at age 11, pianist Alex McDonald has performed extensively across North America and Asia, both in recital and with orchestras. A participant at the 2013 Cliburn Competition, he has won several competition prizes and fellowships throughout the United States.

He has taught at Texas Woman’s University, Richland College, and The Juilliard School, and private students have gone on to study at top conservatories and perform at Carnegie Hall. He was recognized for his accomplishments as an educator with the 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award in teaching by the Texas Music Teachers Association.  He is also festival director for Basically Beethoven, a thriving summer concert series in Dallas.


Lewis Warren, Jr. is an award-winning pianist, composer, and arranger. His ability to connect with people through music was evident at an early age; he began writing original music at age 5 and was featured on America’s Got Talent at age 11. A laureate of several competitions, he has appeared with the Dallas, SMU Meadows, and Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestras, and once performed his own arrangement of the national anthem at the Texas Motor Speedway for over 200,000 attendees.

Lewis is also an in-demand speaker and performer for community organizations and nonprofits, presenting at two TEDx events, Vision Africa, Real Choices, and more. Previously a Cliburn education artist in 2010 and 2011, he received his bachelor’s degree from New England Conservatory in 2019 and currently studies at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.