David Caldine – Cliburn Amateur 2016 Preliminary Round Recital

2016 Cliburn International Amateur Piano Competition
Preliminary Round
Van Cliburn Recital Hall

David Caldine, 61
Software engineer
Fairfax, Virginia
United States

“Expressing myself in music is my primary goal in the Cliburn Amateur Competition,” says David Caldine, a 2004 Amateur competitor who is returning to Fort Worth after the inspirational experience of meeting Van Cliburn. In addition, Mr. Caldine hopes to show others that one can come back from serious hand injury, which he suffered in December 2014. Initially, cubital tunnel syndrome caused a loss of strength in his left hand, but after surgery, he found the best therapy in practicing Blumenfeld’s Etude for Left Hand. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from George Mason University that included a minor in music, Mr. Caldine pursued electronics and software engineering. He is a nutrition fanatic as well as a writer, artist manager, and composer.

GRIFFES , The Night Winds, op. 5, no. 3
BLUMENFELD, Etude for Left Hand, op. 36
RACHMANINOV, Moment musical in E Minor, op. 16, no. 4