A look book of photos from Final Round Concert & Awards Ceremony of the 2023 Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition and Festival featuring full concertos by Jan Schulmeister, Yifan Wu, and Seokyoung Hong with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Valentina Peleggi, conductor.

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 Bernice Gressman Meyerson First Prize
cash award of $15,000
Seokyoung Hong 홍석영, 15, South Korea

Shirley Cox McIntyre Second Prize
cash award of $10,000
Yifan Wu 吴一凡, 14, China

The Horchow Family Third Prize
cash award of $5,000
Jan Schulmeister, 16, Czechia

Each finalist will also receive $2,500 scholarships that must be spent toward furthering their musical advancement.


Audience Award
cash award of $500

Seokyoung Hong 홍석영, 15, South Korea

cash awards of $2,500 each

Zihan Jin 金子涵, 14, China
Modan Oyama 大山桃暖, 17, Japan
Zhonghua Wei 魏中华, 14, China