The Semifinal Round of the 2022 Amateur Competition concluded on Sunday, with these 12 extraordinary pianists performing 28-minute recitals:

Jon Lee, Software Engineer, 41, United States
Xavier Aymonod, Marketing Director – Public Transportation, 46, France
Masanori Murakami, Clinical Project Manager, 38, Japan
Jorge Zamora, Business Development Director, 49, Mexico
Deirbhile Brennan, Accountant, 53, Ireland
Robert Finley, Electronics Engineer, 72, United States
Dominique Salloum, CEO – Artificial Intelligence Industry, 53, France/Lebanon
Aaron Miller, Academic Administrator, 42, United States
Dmytro Vynogradov, Business Development Manager, 52, Ukraine
Eiji Yoshimura, Business Planning Director, 50, Japan
Yeon Wook Jeong, Entrepreneur/Attorney, 53, South Korea
Noah DeGarmo, Physician, 44, United States

Photo credit: Ralph Lauer

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