Fort Worth elementary, middle, and high school students have been busy painting Cliburn-themed banners to celebrate the Fifteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. A number of the children’s banners were selected by a volunteer committee to fly downtown for several weeks before and during the Competition. Take a stroll down Main Street to see these masterpieces up close. The canvas was donated by Williamson-Dickie, and the banners, which measure 56’ x 25’ each, were made by Lone Star Banners & Signs. Thanks to these young artists and to all the participating Fort Worth ISD art teachers at schools located throughout the city.

Adopt-A-Competitor gives children a direct link to the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Several days before the event begins, competitors present concerts at local elementary schools for fourth- and fifth-grade students, meeting with them afterwards to visit and answer questions. The students then track the progress of their “adopted” competitor throughout the competition. Along with their teachers and parents, students can watch competition performances, free of charge, on closed-circuit television in the Van Cliburn Recital Hall or online at www.cliburn.org. Because many competitors hail from countries outside the United States, students learn about geography, as well as the cultures and customs of their adopted competitors’ nations.

2017 Participants
Martin James Bartlett
Sergey Belyavskiy
Alina Bercu
Kenneth Broberg
Rachel Cheung
Madoka Fukami
Dasol Kim
Julia Kociuban
Rachel Kudo
Philipp Scheucher